Provisional Teacher Training

Director: Diana Minakakis, M.A.
(973) 275-2824

Promoting Professional Practice

The College of Human Development, Culture, and Media at Seton Hall University is committed to lifelong learning and professional development. We are partners in providing alternative paths to learning and careers in education. We offer a variety of graduate programs in teaching, professional development, technology, educational media, and leadership to meet career goals.

Students may acquire up to 15 graduate credits in the College of Human Development, Culture, and Media based on their experiences in any New Jersey State approved alternate route provisional teacher training program affiliated with Seton Hall University. For further information and to obtain forms, please call 973-275-2824 or email


  • Complete a nonmatriculated student application.
  • Complete an application to acquire graduate credit.
  • Submit copies of Regional Training Center Reports for each formative Evaluation (Phases I, II, and III) and the Summative Evaluation prepared by your principal. (Applicants do not need to submit all phases at once.)
  • Payment at 50% of the current graduate tuition rate by check, money order, or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Amex) must accompany application for credits. No fees will be charged.
  • Seton Hall University will evaluate application materials.
  • A grade of “A” or “B” will be posted to the student’s Seton Hall transcript for the related graduate credits. A grade of “A” reflects an outstanding rating and a grade of “B” reflects a satisfactory rating. No credits will be awarded for unsatisfactory grades. Courses will appear on the student transcript for the semester in which Seton Hall University receives the applicant’s paperwork and payment. The tuition rate for that semester will apply.
  • Credits must be awarded within 3 years of completing the alternate route experience.
  • Up to 15 awarded credits may be applied to an M.A. degree at Seton Hall University in Educational Studies.

Conversion of Alternate Route Provisional Teacher Program Hours to Seton Hall University Credit Hours

Students may acquire credits as they complete each phase of the provisional teacher program. Seton Hall University will accept proof of completion of the following experiences toward the awarding of 15 graduate credits:

  • Phase IA/Phase IB (80 hrs) for EDST 6407 Foundations of Education 
  • Phase II (60 hrs) for EDST 6408 Child and Adolescent Dvlpmt 
  • Phase III (60 hrs) for EDST 6409 Life in the Classroom 
  • Teaching with mentor (1 Year) for EDST 6460 Contemp Assessment Prac and EDST 6229 Clinical Practice Seminar I 

Master’s Degree Programs

Students may use the 15 credits awarded for the Provisional Teacher Training Program (PTTP) toward a 36-credit Master of Arts in Education. Seton Hall’s M.A. programs reflect current good practice in education and are guided by the NCATE/CAEP standards. The programs are constantly evolving as new ideas, pedagogies, and technologies develop and emerge. The following M.A. programs are available:

  • Instructional Design and Technology (Includes IT certificate;15 credits from PTTP may be applied to this program.)
  • Instructional Design and Technology with School Library Media Specialist (includes NJ certification: 12 credits from PTTP may be applied to this program)
  • Instructional Design and Technology with supervisor's certificate ( 9 credits from PTTP may be applied to this program)
  • Special Education (Includes New Jersey Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement: 15 credits from PTTP may be applied to this program.)

Admission to the M.A. Degree Programs

A streamlined admissions process has been designed especially for alternate route teachers. Students will have three years to apply their credits to a degree program at Seton Hall University. To be accepted as a candidate for a graduate degree, complete the following:

  • application;
  • $75 application fee, payable to Seton Hall University;
  • official transcripts confirming the completion of an undergraduate degree and, when applicable, a graduate degree from an accredited college or university;
  • two letters of reference from professional and/or academic contacts attesting to the applicant’s academic abilities and personal qualifications;
  • two page, double-spaced, typed statement of goals;
  • résumé; and
  • interview with an admissions adviser.

No credits beyond the 15 alternate route training program credits will be accepted in transfer toward the M.A. programs.

Students will be charged at the full tuition rate for credits beyond those 15 awarded for the alternate route training program. 

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