Entrepreneurial Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies is composed of four, 3-credit courses (12 credits). The Certificate provides students with both a theoretical basis and the practical hands-on skills they will need to launch a new business venture and grow that business venture successfully. This certificate is for graduate students who are interested in:

  1. studying entrepreneurship to launch their own venture, manage a family business or work for small or medium-sized companies or
  2. developing entrepreneurial skills, creative thinking and innovative approaches as career- builders working for large corporations.

The Certificate program provides students with an overview of the different stages of the entrepreneurial process and gives them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed at each stage in the process. A student who wishes to earn the Certificate should consult with the faculty and the department chair to ensure that the elective course selected is in line with the student’s academic/career objectives.

Because the certificate is not a degree, students who complete solely the certificate program do not participate in University commencement exercises.

In selecting courses, students should consult with the Stillman Student Information Office regarding prerequisites for individual courses and overall requirements. 

Select two of the following courses: *6
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Directed Research-Management (Approval Needed)
Select two additional courses from the following:6
Products Liability
Doing Business in India
Doing Business in India
Directed Research in Management
Leadership Seminar
Managerial Negotiating
Managing Knowledge Workers
Supply Chain Management
Total Hours12

Course offerings change each semester.

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