Course Information

Course Numbering System

The course identification number includes a four-character subject field and a four-digit course number; for example, ENGL 1201 Core English I.

The following guide was used to develop the course numbers:

Significance of first digit

  • 0  Noncredit or institutional credit.
  • 1  Freshman-level course; no prerequisites, except for the first part of a two-semester course.
  • 2  Second-level course, with at least one one-level prerequisite.
  • 3  Third-level course, with at least one two-level prerequisite.
  • 4  Fourth-level course, with at least one three-level prerequisite.
  • 5  Senior seminars and similar capstone undergraduate courses.
  • 6  First-level graduate courses.
  • 7  Second-level graduate courses, with at least one six-level prerequisite.
  • 8  Third-level graduate courses, with at least one seven-level prerequisite.
  • 9  Fourth-level graduate courses.

Significance of second digit

  • May indicate sub-discipline within a subject area.

Significance of third and fourth digits

  • May indicate course order or corequisite, etc.

Note: The course number is intended as a guide only. Prerequisites must still be checked with the University catalogue and faculty advisors.

Course Offerings

Not every course listed in University catalogues is offered each semester. Students can view the course schedule online within Self-Service Banner. The University reserves the right to cancel any course for which registration is insufficient, change the time and place of any course offered, and change the professor assigned to teach the course.

Each course section for a term is assigned a unique course registration number (CRN) for use in online registration. Students should make note of the CRNs of the courses to facilitate online registration.

Independent Study

Several schools and departments of the University offer opportunities for independent study. Application forms and regulations for independent study may be obtained from the department chairs. Students may not register for any independent study course without the prior written permission of the department chair.

Name and Address Changes

Changes in personal data, including changes of name, address, next of kin and expected graduation date, should be reported in writing to the Office of the Registrar on a priority basis. Requests for changes in first or last name require accompanying official documentation (e.g., marriage certificate or court order). Graduating students must file name change requests six weeks prior to the graduation date. 

The University uses official names on all records in compliance with federal guidelines and University identity management policies.

Students may update their personal information, including address, telephone, personal email, emergency contact online within Self-Service Banner.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Each student is assigned a PIN each semester for use in online registration. Students should keep their PIN confidential. Students should contact their advisor if they lose or forget their PIN.

Seton Hall Student Identification Number (SHU ID)

Upon admission to the University, every student is assigned an 8-digit student identification number. Students should use this number to access online student services and for general identification purposes. 

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