Part-Time Student Probation Policy


A part-time undergraduate student is one who is registered for fewer than 12 credits in the Fall or Spring Semester.

Part-time undergraduate students are required to have a cumulative GPA of at least 1.75 for freshmen, 1.90 for sophomores, and 2.00 for juniors and seniors. Part-time students who were enrolled for the previous two semesters must complete a minimum of 6 credits in the previous 12 months.


Part-time students who meet the above standards are eligible to:

  • participate in student activities which allow for part-time involvement;
  • hold office in student organizations, the constitutions of which specifically provide for such office holding; and
  • receive Title IV federal aid for which part-time students may qualify and for which the student may otherwise be eligible.

The dean of the student’s school/college may waive the 6- credit per year requirement if the student’s failure to complete the required credits within the stipulated time frame was due to medical conditions, family emergencies, employment factors or other similar circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Unsatisfactory academic progress by part-time students can affect eligibility for financial aid.


Part-time undergraduate students whose cumulative GPAs do not meet the minimum requirements are automatically placed on probation.

As soon as the respective dean is informed of the failure of a student to maintain the minimum GPA, the dean must inform the student by letter that he or she is on probation and remind the student of the minimum requirements. The dean must require the student to meet with the dean and the student’s department chair or representatives. Part-time students on probation are subject to the rules and procedures outlined above for full-time students.

A part-time student who meets the cumulative GPA criterion, but whose GPA for any one semester falls below the applicable minimum, shall receive a letter of warning from the dean of his or her college, reminding the student of the criteria for probation.


A student who believes that a decision made in his or her regard has been procedurally incorrect, or has otherwise violated his or her rights, may appeal the dean’s decision to the Provost, according to the established University grievance procedures. Details appear in the Student Handbook, which is located on the Student Services web site at

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