Catholic Studies Major (B.A.)

A major in Catholic Studies consists of 30 credits:

Common Experience Courses
CAST 1001The Search for Human Fulfillment3
CAST 3940/CORE 3746Cath Classics and Interiority3
CAST 3193Integrating Sem Catholic Stu *3
Exploratory and Analytical Components
Select seven courses from the following four areas: **21
History and Modern Catholicism
Philosophy, Theology and Social Service
Art, Music and Literature
Study Abroad
Total Hours30

Other Capstone options might include:

  • Senior Internship 
  • Senior Thesis
  • Senior Seminar
  • Advanced Study

Students take four 1000-2000 level courses and three 3000 level courses. Inspired by the document, Gaudium et Spes (The Church in the Modern World) from the Second Vatican Council approved by the department chair. Prerequisite: CAST 1001 The Search for Human Fulfillment.

Foreign Study Opportunities

Students may apply up to six credits from overseas Catholic Studies programs conducted by other universities with prior approval of the Catholic Studies department chair. 

History and Modern Catholicism Electives

CAST/RELS 1202Christian Belief and Thought3
CAST 2160/PHIL 3595/CORE 35953
CAST/RELS 2223Modern Christian Thought3
CAST/RELS 2224Eastern Christianity3
CAST 2235/HIST 3235Modern Italy3
CAST/RELS 2520Catholic Social Teachings3
CAST 3003/CORE 3983Creation and Science3
CAST 3004/CORE 3734Catholic Theology of Science3
CAST 3016/CORE 3752Global Christianity3
CAST 3019/CORE 3756Christians Muslim Dialogue3
CAST 3020/CORE 37593
CAST 3021/CORE 3890/WMST 3513Modern Women of Faith3
CAST 3023/PHYS 3103The Pope and Science3
CAST 3025/HSTD 6834New Jersey Catholic Experience3
CAST/HIST 3230Europe in the Middle Ages3
CAST/CORE 3251Science and the Church3
CAST/HIST 3264Modern Ireland3
CAST/HIST 3387Catholic Church in the US3
CAST 3397/CORE 3754Latin American Catholicism3
CORE 3426/HIST 3234ETW - Medieval Italy3
CORE 3721/HIST 3240ETW - Catholicism - Ecumenism3
RELS 3201Catholicism and Ecumenism3
RELS 2221Early Christian Thought3
RELS 2222Medieval Christian Thought3
CAST 3397/CORE 3754Latin American Catholicism3
CAST 3955/CORE 3793Catholicism - Human Sciences3

Philosophy, Theology and Social Service Electives

CAST 3018/CORE 3755John Newman - Life - Teaching3
CAST 3031/CORE 3768/NUTH 3950Catholicism Hlthcare Human Con3
CAST 3320/CORE 37453
CAST/CORE 3749Philosophy-Theology -Lonergan3
CAST 3955/CORE 3793Catholicism - Human Sciences3
PHIL 2030Medieval Philosophy3
PHIL 3015St Thomas Aquinas3
RELS 2315Theology of Marriage3
CAST 3040Spirituality of Work3
CAST 3041/CORE 3252Science - Theology of Food3
CAST 3022/CORE 3760Spirituality and Sports3

Art, Music and Literature Electives

ARTH 21123
ARTH 21133
CAST 1600/MUAP 1500The Practice of Catholic Liturgical Music3
CAST 2011/CORE 37473
CAST 2012/MUAP 2141Catholic Liturgical Music3
CAST 2410/CORE 37223
CAST 3015/CORE 3750Catholicism and Literature3
CAST 3017/CORE 3751Saints Alive3
CAST 3023/CORE 3763The Pope and Science3
CAST 3024/CORE 3764Literature Catholic Conversion3
CAST 3028/HSTD 6404/STHO 6404Holy Images - Worship3
ENGL 3311Chaucer3
CAST 3320/CORE 37453
CAST 3422/CORE 3373/ENGL 34223
CAST 3940/CORE 3746Cath Classics and Interiority3
ENGL 3211Medieval Literature3
CAST 3001/CORE 39823

Study Abroad Electives

CAST 3994/CORE 3748Foundations-Christian Culture3
CAST 3998/CORE 3762Sp Top-Italy in Ftsteps-Saints3

Internship Elective

CAST 3891Intrnshp Cath Stu3

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