Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs offer students an opportunity for automatic acceptance into a graduate course of study prior to earning a baccalaureate degree for 3+2 and 3+3 dual degree programs. For the 4+2 dual degree Speech-Pathology programs, students complete their baccalaureate degree prior to beginning their graduate-level coursework. Dual degree students in the 3+2 and 3+3 programs receive a baccalaureate degree at the end of four years followed by a graduate degree one to two years later (depending on the health sciences program). Students must meet and maintain the required grades, GPAs, and all prerequisite conditions as an undergraduate to be eligible for automatic admittance into the graduate phase of a dual degree program.

The School of Health and Medical Sciences, in collaboration with other schools and colleges at the University, offers the following dual degree programs:

Department of Occupational Therapy

3+3 Dual Degree Programs

Department of Athletic Training

3+2 Dual Degree Program

Department of Physical Therapy

3+3 Dual Degree Program

Department of Physician Assistant

3+3 Dual Degree Program

Department of Speech-Language Pathology

4+2 Dual Degree Program

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