Prestigious Fellowships

Matthew Escobar, Ph.D., Director

The Prestigious Fellowships Director advises students interested in applying for the most competitive external fellowships (such as the Fulbright, Pickering, Mitchell, Marshall, Boren, Rhodes and Critical Languages Scholarships). High-achieving students whose GPA is at or above 3.75 and who are interested in applying for any of these fellowships are encouraged to contact the director by email for an initial interview in which, based on the candidate’s interests, strengths and professional career plans, the director will provide advice on which fellowships and strategies to pursue.

Seton Hall’s recent successes with some of the most competitive fellowships in the nation including the Boren, Fulbright, Truman and Critical Languages Scholarship demonstrate the university’s substantial commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence. Recent recipients from SHU have or will soon conduct research in the Dominican Republic, Morocco and Korea, as well as winning substantial funding for graduate study in the United States. But applying for these fellowships can be a daunting experience and students should begin the process far in advance (up to six to twelve months). The director can provide guidance on best practices with respect to how to select and prepare for the right fellowship as well as how to approach writing the required essays.

For more information contact Dr. Escobar at the following email:; information on specific fellowships may be found at the following web page:

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