Engineering Degree Program

Engineering Degree Program in Collaboration with Stevens Institute of Technology

Seton Hall University and the Stevens Institute of Technology together offer a five-year joint degree program that allows students interested in  Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Civil or Construction Engineering and Management and Ocean Engineering and Chemical Engineering both the B.S. degree from Seton Hall in physics or chemistry and the M.S. degree in engineering. from Stevens Institute of Technology  in five years. Students in this program take the first three years of coursework at Seton Hall, and the fourth and fifth years at Stevens Institute of Technology. The B.S. is awarded at the completion of four years of work and the M.S. after the fifth. Students interested in this program should contact the chairperson of the Department of Physics (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,  Artificial Intelligence, Civil or Construction Engineering and Management and Ocean Engineering) or the chairperson of the Department of Chemistry (for chemical engineering) for details regarding this program.

The principal advantage of such a five-year program is that it affords students a broader education in the humanities and the social sciences than the typical four-year engineering program allows, and thus better prepares them for careers in engineering, which require interaction with persons not trained in engineering. Such careers are found both in the corporate world and in the public sector and often include high-level managerial responsibility and communication with the non-technical public.

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