Five-Year Dual Degree Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences offers several five-year programs:

  • the B.A. or B.S. degree and Master of Business Administration
  • the B.A. Political Science, Religion or Sociology/Master of Public Administration
  • the B.A./M.A. in Museum Professions, the B.A./M.A. in English, the B.A./M.A. in History
  • the B.A./M.A.E. in Psychological Studies
  • the B.A./B.S. in Psychology/M.S. in Experimental Psychology
  • the B.S. in Physics/Chemistry and M.S. in Engineering degree program (in cooperation with Stevens Institute of Technology)

Five-Year B.A. or B.S./M.B.A.

 Adviser: Mark Schild, M.B.A. (SSOB); Abe Zakhem, Ph.D. (College of Arts and Sciences) 

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Stillman School offer a joint program that leads to two degrees: a bachelor's degree in any liberal arts or sciences major (humanities, mathematics, social, physical, or computer sciences) and a Master of Business Administration. 

The unique feature of this program is that both degrees can be earned in five years. By carefully selecting courses, the student can complete the requirements for both degrees in as few as 150 credit hours. The student spends the first three years taking arts and sciences courses. After the completion of 75 credit hours, the student applies for the M.B.A. program. Students must meet all requirements for admission to the M.B.A. program. If accepted, the student takes a mixture of arts and sciences and business courses in the fourth year. The fifth year is reserved exclusively for graduate business courses. When the student has completed all undergraduate degree requirements and a minimum of 120 credit hours, the student receives a bachelor’s degree. After completing the M.B.A. requirements and a minimum of 150 total credit hours, the student also receives an M.B.A. 


The purpose of the program is twofold: 

  1. Students receive a broad-based undergraduate education. Students major in an arts and sciences discipline to gain a broad perspective in the humanities and social and physical sciences and a comprehensive grasp of one arts and sciences major.
  2. Students begin graduate coursework while completing a bachelor’s degree. This enables the arts and sciences student to obtain an M.B.A. with one additional year of study.

Basic Principles and Requirements 

In offering this program, Seton Hall operates on three basic principles: 

  1. Students must complete their undergraduate arts and sciences courses and fulfill the requirements for an undergraduate major; 
  2. Students must apply for and gain admission to the M.B.A. program after the completion of a minimum of 75 credit hours in arts and sciences (the GMAT exam requirement is waived for SHU students with a GPA of 3.4 or higher); and
  3. The joint program requires a minimum of 150 credit hours; within this number, a student completes specified arts and sciences requirements, an undergraduate arts and sciences major field, and the specified M.B.A. curriculum.
    • ​​The total credit hours consist of a minimum of 110 undergraduate credits and 40 graduate business credits. Because the requirements of specific College of Arts and Sciences majors may vary greatly, dual-degree candidates should be individually counseled by advisers in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the Stillman School of Business. Graduate course information is available through the Stillman School’s Student Information Office, Jubilee Hall, Room 526, (973) 761-9222.

B.A. or B.S./M.B.A. Curriculum 

  1. Arts and Sciences Core Requirements.
  2. Arts and Sciences Major Field Requirements.
  3. M.B.A. Pre-Qualification Sequence.In consultation with a faculty advisor, students complete the last 10 credits of their undergraduate degree by choosing 10 credits from the following graduate business courses: BMBA 9450 The Launch Experience; BMBA 9451 Corporate Social Responsibility; BMBA 9452 International Perspective; BMBA 9456 Management Theory and Practice; BMBA 9457 Market Decision Making.
  4. M.B.A. curriculum credit-bearing courses. 25 credits of core coursework and 15 credits of electives.
    • ​​​​​Consult course descriptions for more details. If these requirements can be met in fewer than 150 credit hours, students may take elective courses to complete the 150 credit-hour minimum.

Five-Year B.A./M.P.A. 

The Department of Political Science and Public Affairs, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, the Department of Religion, The Department of Biological Sciences, The Program in Catholic Studies, The Department of Psychology, The Program in Africana Studies and Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work* at Seton Hall University offer a dual degree program that leads to two degrees completed in a five-year span: a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, Sociology, Social and Behavioral Studies, Religion, Catholic Studies, Psychology, Africana Studies, and a Master of Public Administration degree. The program has a two-fold purpose: to provide a broad based undergraduate education with a comprehensive grasp of one’s major in an undergraduate discipline; and to permit students to earn a Master of Public Administration degree within the time frame of five years.

Students accepted into this program follow the academic program prescribed by their majors in consultation with their advisers (including the core requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences and the requirements of their majors) during the first three years. If accepted into this program, students may take a maximum of four M.P.A. courses (12 credits) during their senior year which count toward the completion of the bachelor’s degree. Students interested in this option should consult carefully with their undergraduate adviser, the Director of Graduate Studies for the M.P.A. program, and the University’s Financial Aid Office prior to applying so that they are aware of the cost structure of the program. At the end of the fourth year and upon completion of 120 credits, students in the program receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. If the student wants to complete the Five-Year B.A./M.P.A. degree, 12 of those credits must come from the core courses of the graduate public administration program. During the fifth year, 27 additional M.P.A. credits, including a 3-credit Summer internship, must be completed. For further information, contact The Department of Political Science and Public Affairs, the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, the Department of Religion, The Department of Biological Sciences, The Program in Catholic Studies, The Department of Psychology, The Program in Africana Studies and Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work. Seton Hall students who come from different majors may apply to the Department’s faculty for early admission to the M.P.A. program.


These programs are currently in the EPC and University Approval Process.

Dual Degree Programs in Psychological Studies

The Departments of Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences) and Professional Psychology and Family Therapy (College of Education and Human Services) offer a dual degree program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.) and Master of Arts in Education (M.A.E.). This five- year program permits students to take four classes (12 credits) from the psychological studies core curriculum during their senior year. Satisfactory completion of the M.A.E. program would enable entry into one of the PPFT Ed.S. practitioner programs in School Psychology, Mental Health Counseling, or Marriage & Family Therapy. For more information, please contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Psychology.

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