Ethics and Applied Ethics Minor

The philosophy minor in ethics and applied ethics require students to complete a minimum of 18 credits according to the distribution given below. This program is for students who are interested in exploring a variety of important theoretical and applied ethical issues and problems in social, political, legal, professional, and economic realms.

PHIL 1105Ethics3
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy and Gender
Philosophy Through Film
Business Ethics
Biomedical Ethics
Contemporary Moral Issues
Select three of the following courses: *9
Modern Society-Human Happiness
Feminist Theories
Environmental Ethics
Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
PHIL 2250
PHIL 2260
Moral Argumentation and Debate
Independent Study (with a focus on ethics)
Select one of the following 3000 level philosophy courses: **3
St Thomas Aquinas
Ethics Religion Postmodernity
SpTp - Explaining the Mind (with a focus on ethics)
Total Hours18

Note: Students may substitute a 2000 level course with a non PHIL, ethics related course, such as one of the following courses or any other relevant course with the approval of chairperson. 


With an emphasis on its ethics component, including but not limited to those listed.

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