Philosophy Major, (B.A.)

In conjunction with meeting the standards and requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, the philosophy major consists of 30 credits. Students work out the details of their course of study in consultation with the chairperson who may modify the program in view of a student’s interest and objectives. Majors are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.

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Philosophy Major Requirements
Select two of the following courses:6
Introduction to Philosophy
Select five 2000-level PHIL courses *15
Select three 3000-level PHIL courses **9
Additional Requirements for Graduate Work ***
PHIL 1104Logic3
or PHIL 1204 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 1105Ethics3
or PHIL 2250
Select three of the following history of Philosophy courses:9
Ancient Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy II
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
PHIL 2045
PHIL 2050
PHIL 2500Epistemology3
PHIL 2950Metaphysics3
Total Hours51

Note: With the permission of the chairperson a student may substitute one related 3 credit course from another discipline.


Note: Students must complete 6 credits at the PHIL 2000-level before taking any 3000-level courses.


Students who intend to do graduate work in philosophy are, in consultation with the Chair, directed to take 7 of the following 8 courses in addition to the 3 required 3000-level courses.

There is no separate major or minor in the department for students interested in applying to law school. Students should satisfy the requirements described for the relevant program and take a variety of courses. It should be noted that there are several courses that may be useful to pre-law students which are listed below, though these are not required. It should also be noted that the major is more beneficial than the minor and should be taken if possible, since this gives one a stronger foundation for entrance to law school. Students interested in the program should consult with the chair of the department for advice in selecting courses.

Recommended Pre-Law Courses 

PHIL 1104Logic3
PHIL 1105Ethics3
PHIL 1204Symbolic Logic3
PHIL 2140Political Philosophy3
PHIL 2150Philosophy of Law3
PHIL 22503

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