Accounting Major Dual Degree B.S.B./M.S.P.A.

(For Seton Hall Accounting Majors)

Adviser: Danielle DiMeglio, M.B.A.

Students pursuing the B.S. in Business Administration with a majors in accounting have the option to apply to a dual-degree program in which they can earn both their bachelor’s degree and a Master of Science in Professional Accounting within a five-year period. Two options are available. Students may:

  1. apply for dual admission to both degrees at the time of their initial application to the School or
  2. apply for admission to the M.S.P.A. portion of the program during their junior year.

To be offered admission to both programs at the time of initial application, prospective students must have an SAT score of 1260 or higher (math and evidence-based reading and writing components). To be eligible to begin graduate coursework (generally after the completion of 90 credits and BACC 3111 Intermediate Accounting II), dual-admissions applicants must have attained a GPA of 3.4 or higher.

Seton Hall University undergraduate accounting students who do not apply for dual admission may apply to the dual- degree program after completing 75 credits. Applicants must meet all admission requirements for the M.S. in Professional Accounting Program.

Students are eligible to begin graduate coursework in the dual-degree B.S.B/M.S.P.A program once they have earned 90 credits and have completed BACC 3111 Intermediate Accounting II. Students enrolled in the combined program take a mixture of undergraduate and graduate courses during their senior year followed by all graduate work thereafter. After earning 120 undergraduate credits, completing the required accounting major courses with an average GPA of 2.0 or higher, and fulfilling all other specific B.S.B. degree requirements, students have the option of receiving their B.S.B. degree. Students in the combined program can satisfy the required courses in Auditing (BACC 3119 Auditing), Enterprise-Wide Accounting Information Systems II (BACC 4102 Enterprise-Wide Accounting Information Systems II), and Advanced Accounting (BACC 4113 Advanced Accounting) by taking similar graduate courses. Courses taken at the graduate level cannot be used to satisfy the 120 undergraduate credit hour requirement. After completing all M.S.P.A. requirements and earning 150 credits (120 undergraduate credits and 30 graduate credits), students receive their M.S.P.A.

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