(B.A.) Psychology/(M.A.) Psychological Studies

The Departments of Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences) and Professional Psychology and Family Therapy (College of Education and Human Services) offer a dual degree program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.) and Master of Arts in Education (M.A.). This five-year program permits students to take four required courses from the graduate Psychological Studies core curriculum during their senior year. The 12 graduate credits earned count toward the completion of the bachelor's degree. Satisfactory completion of the M.A. program would enable entry into one of the PPFT Ed.S. practitioner programs in School Psychology, Professional Counseling, or Applied Behavior Analysis. The M.A. in Psychological Studies also offers concentrations in Sport and Exercise Psychology, and an Individualezed concentration for those planning to make Ph.D. applications. Detailed requirements for completion of the M.A. degree may be found in the Graduate Catalogue. Please see Dr. Sandra Lee, the Program Director, or Dr. Thomas Massarelli, the Department Chair for advising and additional program information.

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