Psychology Minor

The psychology minor is designed to expose students to a range of perspectives, methodologies and content areas. In addition to the introductory course (PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology), students must select courses from three of the five categories of psychology courses. This provides sufficient breadth while permitting the students, with advisement, to obtain depth with the two remaining elective courses. 


PSYC 1101Introduction to Psychology3
Select one course from three of the five following categories:9
Select six credits of Psychology electives 6
Total Hours18

Note:  Six of the 18 total credits for the minor must be at the 2000-level or higher.


PSYC 1212Child Psychology3
PSYC 1213Adolescent Psychology3
PSYC 1214Adult Development3
PSYC/WMST 1215Psychology of Gender3
PSYC 2210Health Psychology3
PSYC 2212Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 2216Social Psychology3


PSYC 1216Industrial/Organizational Psychology3
PSYC 1219Sport Psychology3
PSYC 1222International Psychology3
PSYC 1223Psychology of Religion3
PSYC 2222Cultural Psychology3
PSYC 2229Leadership & Soc Systems3
PSYC 2315Laboratory Research Experience3
PSYC 2318Exp Learn Psyc3
PSYC 3408Internship in Psychology3
PSYC 3409Internship in Psychology3
PSYC 3410Internship in Psychology3
PSYC 3411Internship in Psychology3
PSYC 3412Internship in Psychology6
PSYC 3413Internship in Psychology6
PSYC 3711ST - Undergrad Teach Asst3
PSYC 3712Sp Topics:Undergrad Teach Asst3


PSYC 1218Drug and Alcohol Abuse3
PSYC 1221Exceptional Child Psychology3
PSYC 2211Personality Concepts3
PSYC 2214Mental Health3
PSYC 2215Psychological Testing3
PSYC 2220Behavior Modification3
PSYC 3112Theories and Techniques of Clinical Work3

Biological Basis of Behavior and Mental Processes

PSYC 3213Sensation and Perception3
PSYC 3217Biological Psychology3
PSYC 3219Human Neuropsychology3

Learning and Cognition

PSYC 3114Cognition and Data Visualizati3
PSYC 3214Cognitive Psychology3
PSYC 3216Motivation and Emotion3
PSYC 3220Learning3

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