ASIA - Asian Studies (ASIA)

ASIA 6111  Asian Rel-Ecum Dialogue  (3 Credits)  

Contrary to assertions that Asian religions and so-called Western religions build on a set of radically different presuppositions about the nature of human life and spirituality, this course will examine the ways in which "common ground" exists among different religious traditions and particularly focus on the ways in which the perceived differences between religions open up perspectives about how one may approach questions of a religious and cultural nature. It will lay out the possibilities and practical steps for an ecumenical dialogue between religions indigenous to Asia and those which have their origins elsewhere.

ASIA 6113  Phil-Spirit Probng China  (3 Credits)  

The intellectual and spiritual foundations of China are explored. Confucius, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Chu Hsi, and Wang Yang-Ming are studied in depth.

ASIA 6114  China and Japan-Buddhism  (3 Credits)  

The Mahayana experience, from its Indian origins through its development in China and Japan. The Ten Schools and the various Japanese forms, with emphasis on Ch'an-Zen and Amidism. Buddhist influence on art and culture.

ASIA 6115  Classical Chinese Lit  (3 Credits)  

Knowledge of Chinese is not required. Surveys the Chinese literary tradition in translation from the Confucian classics to the Sung Dynasty.

ASIA 6116  Modern Chinese LIt  (3 Credits)  

Knowledge of Chinese is not required. Surveys Chinese literature from the Sung period to contemporary times.

ASIA 6121  Hist and Culture-Japan I  (3 Credits)  

This course covers the history and culture of Japan from earliest times to 1600. It emphasizes the political and religious issues in Japanese civilization.

ASIA 6122  Hist and Culture-Japan II  (3 Credits)  

This course covers the history and culture of Japan from the Edo Period through WWII. It emphasizes the importance of modernization and cultural/political issues on Japanese traditions.

ASIA 6124  Hist and Culture-India II  (3 Credits)  

Survey of the formation of India from prehistoric times up to the present day.

ASIA 6125  Social History of China  (3 Credits)  

China's social developments in history, including the family, social institutions, social values, and social relationships.

ASIA 6129  History Republican China  (3 Credits)  

History and political developments in China from the Republican Revolution of 1911 to 1949.

ASIA 6130  History Contemp China  (3 Credits)  

The course traces the history of Communist China from the founding of the Chinese Communist Party to the present day.

ASIA 6140  Survey Chinese Civilization  (3 Credits)  

General overview of the major trends in the development of Chinese culture, from the beginning to A.D. 1800.

ASIA 6141  Found Chinese Civ  (3 Credits)  

In-depth consideration, through lecture, reading and discussion, of the formulation of the central features of Chinese culture, from the Neolithic period through the Han Dynasty.

ASIA 6142  Dvlpmnt Chinese Civilization  (3 Credits)  

In-depth consideration of the changes in Chinese culture, from the period of Disunion through the Sung period. Lecture, reading and discussion.

ASIA 6145  Modern East Asia  (3 Credits)  

Covering the modern period between 1800 and 1945, this course deals with East Asia's modern transformation and important aspects of political, economic, social and cultural developments in China, Japan, and Korea.

ASIA 6146  Contemporary East Asia  (3 Credits)  

Covering the contemporary period since the end of World War II, this interdisciplinary course deals with important aspects of political, economic, social, and cultural developments in East Asia and its changing roles in international politics and economics.

ASIA 6212  Mgmt of Foreign Operations  (3 Credits)  

The special circumstances under which an American firm operates abroad: social customs, political environment, and linguistic and cultural problems. Economic, financial, legal, and management issues peculiar to foreign operations. Analysis of problems in foreign exchange, international finance and marketing, and human resources management. The management of foreign investment, joint ventures and foreign subsidiaries. Technology transfer, foreign trade operations, and protection of intellectual property abroad. International economic policy, international corporate financial management, and variations in the organizational structure of MNCs. Selected international business cases are discussed.

ASIA 6225  Japan and Pacific Empire  (3 Credits)  
ASIA 6226  Monsters: A History of Japan  (3 Credits)  
ASIA 6233  June in China  (3 Credits)  

Using China as a big classroom, students will be exposed to the old, traditional culture and the new transformations following the Open Door Policy and the Olympic Games. Field trips will enable students to gain a more in-depth understanding of the old and the new China and the Chinese people. The course will be taught the format of lectures, class discussion, field trips and written assignments.

ASIA 6624  Age of the Samurai  (3 Credits)  
ASIA 6627  Modern Monsters Japanese Hist  (3 Credits)  
ASIA 7113  Chinese Linguistics I  (3 Credits)  

Study of Chinese sounds, system of sounds, word formation, combination of words into sentences and beyond. Communicative functions of the Chinese language. The relationship between Chinese linguistics and teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language; contrastive and error analyses and ESL; Chinese bilingual education.

ASIA 7116  Applied Linguistics  (3 Credits)  

Application of discoveries from theoretical, psycho-, neuro- and socio-linguistics to first and second language learning and teaching, and to bilingual education.

ASIA 7118  Supv Teaching-Chin and Japan  (3 Credits)  

Student teaching of Chinese or Japanese under faculty supervision. Emphasis on teaching methods and critical discussion of performance.

ASIA 7124  Method Teach-China and Japan  (3 Credits)  

Trends in methodology, basic theories concerning language and its teaching. Aims to develop the skills and special techniques necessary for good teaching and the use of the language laboratory.

ASIA 9111  Research Meth-Asian Studies  (3 Credits)  

Research methodology. Evaluation of sources and other problems involved in the preparation of the master¿s thesis.

ASIA 9112  Select Top-Asian Studies  (3 Credits)  

Advanced research (seminar or pro-seminar) on focused topics in Asian Studies.

ASIA 9113  Select Topics-Asian Studies  (3 Credits)  

Advanced research (seminar or pro-seminar) on focused topics in Asian Studies.

ASIA 9190  Directed Studies  (3 Credits)  

Readings under faculty supervision.

ASIA 9192  SHU-Japan Exchange  (3 Credits)  

Readings under faculty supervision.

ASIA 9194  Directed Studies  (3 Credits)  

Readings under faculty supervision.

ASIA 9195  Directed Studies  (3 Credits)  

Readings under faculty supervision.

ASIA 9196  Directed Studies  (3 Credits)  

Readings under faculty supervision.

ASIA 9200  Thesis Research  (3 Credits)  

Designed to help students develop research capabilities in order to write masters theses under the supervision of mentors. This course provides research supervision to those engaged in thesis writing on an individual basis. Not a lecture course.

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