PHYS - Physics (PHYS)

PHYS 6002  Literature Seminar  (0 Credits)  

Colloquium, seminars on Physics related subjects by departmental or guest speakers

PHYS 6100  Literature Sem - Thesis  (1 Credit)  
PHYS 6101  Research in Physics  (2 Credits)  

Graduate research in experimental or theoretical physics

PHYS 6102  Research in Physics II  (2 Credits)  
PHYS 6103  Research in Physics III  (2 Credits)  
PHYS 6104  Research in Physics IV  (2 Credits)  
PHYS 6121  Advanced Mechanics  (3 Credits)  

Graduate level Classical Mechanics course, variational principles, Lagrange’s Equations, Hamiltonian equations of motion, rigid body and oscillations, classical chaos.

PHYS 6186  Electricity and Magnetism II  (3 Credits)  
PHYS 6211  Math Methods for Scientists I  (4 Credits)  

Graduate level mathematical methods course covering ordinary differential equations, integral transforms, complex variables, Fourier series, Sturm-Liouville theory.

PHYS 6219  Statistical Physics  (3 Credits)  

Graduate level Statistical Physics course, probability theory, phase space, partition functions, entropy, thermodynamics laws, harmonic oscillators, quantum gas, Bose-Einstein condensation, ferromagnetism, critical exponents

PHYS 6221  Solid State Physics  (3 Credits)  

Upper UG / Graduate level Solid State Physic course covering crystal structures, diffraction and reciprocal lattice, elastic constants, phonons and lattice vibrations Brilliouin zones, inelastic scattering, Debye and Einstein Models, Free Electron Fermi Gas, energy bands, Fermi surfaces, semiconductors, and metals, superconductivity and magnetism

PHYS 6227  Plasma and Gas Discharge Phys  (3 Credits)  

Graduate level Plasma Physics course, charged particle motion in electric and magnetic fields; electron and ion emission; ion-surface interaction; electrical breakdown in gases; dark discharges and DC glow discharges; confined discharge; AC, RF, and microwave discharges; arc discharges, sparks, and corona discharges; nonthermal gas discharges at atmospheric pressure; and discharge and low-temperature plasma generation.

PHYS 6228  Plasma Processng  (3 Credits)  

Graduate level Plasma Physics course, the course commences by reviewing basic plasma physics, some atomic processes, and plasma diagnostics. The course ten delves into plasma production using DC glow discharges and RF glow discharges such as magnetron discharges. Broad topics studied in detail are plasma-surface interaction; sputter deposition of thin films; reactive ion etching, ion milling, and texturing; electron beam-assisted chemical vapor deposition; and ion implantation. Further, the topics of sputtering systems, ion sources, electron sources, and ion beam handling will be covered in the course.

PHYS 6412  Quantum Mechanics II  (3 Credits)  
PHYS 6511  Advanced Quantum Mechanics  (3 Credits)  

Graduate level quantum mechanics course covering quantum theory of radiation, relativistic quantum mechanics, covariant perturbation theory

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