HSTD - Historical Studies (HSTD)

HSTD 6128  ST Theology-Hist Rene Girard  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6202  History of Christianity II  (3 Credits)  

The development of Christianity from the Reformation to the present day. The course utilizes primary source materials and audio visual presentations.

HSTD 6222  Popes and the Papacy  (3 Credits)  

The institution of the papacy and individual holders of the papal office; a survey of major periods in the development of Catholicism from the perspective of the papacy; special attention given to the last century and an investigation/analysis of the papal office. 3 credits.

HSTD 6246  Documents of Vatican II  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6268  History of Vatican II  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6272  Gnosis - Political Theol III  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6310  History of Spirituality  (3 Credits)  

A survey of the history of Christian spirituality: Biblical origins; Patristic period; Desert Fathers; Benedict; Augustine; Benedictine Reforms; Franciscan and Dominican renewals; medieval spirituality; Rhineland Mystics; Ignatius; Francis de Sales; Sulpician influences; 20th-century movements; Vatican II; and contemporary situations (Cross-referenced to PTHO 6726)

HSTD 6334  Catholic Evangelization  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6340  From Church Fathers to 1500  (3 Credits)  

The early centuries of the Church are surveyed using the Fathers of the Church as the primary lens of inquiry. While the Eastern Churches are examined, the focus shifts to the Church of Western Europe from Charlemagne through the Gregorian Reform, the building of the great cathedrals, and the appearance of the friars. Finally, the changing ecclesiastical culture of the Renaissance is addressed.

HSTD 6341  Church of Reformations-Mission  (3 Credits)  

This course presents an exposition and analysis of the various reform movements – organizational, monastic, theological, spiritual – within the Catholic Church beginning in the fifteenth century and culminating with the Council of Trent and its aftermath. The reform movements – Wycliffe, Hus, Zwingli, Luther, Calvin, Anabaptist, Radical – that gave birth to Protestantism and independent churches are presented and analyzed as well. After a brief exposition of earlier missionary activities, the evangelization of the Americas during the period of the European conquest and later evangelization of Asia and Africa during the colonial period are subjects of equal attention, with a focus on the methods of evangelization and analysis of their successes and failures. The Church of today is shown to be a result of these movements and evangelizing activities.

HSTD 6416  Confessions of St. Augustine  (3 Credits)  

Examines St. Augustine's masterpiece, Confessions, in detail to see how Augustine seamlessly fuses Scripture, theology, rhetoric, personal history and spiritual growth into a comprehensive whole. (Cross-referenced to PTHO 6772 and STHO 6416).

HSTD 6422  Augustine's Spirituality  (3 Credits)  

Augustine’s spirituality aspires to participate in the life of the Trinity through deliberate, affective and sacramental love made possible by the grace of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit. It was realized by one’s individual relationship with God, conduct in the larger society, and communal life in the Church. Using key works, including the Confessions, The Trinity and The City of God, the course will trace the outlines of this profoundly Christian spiritual vision.

HSTD 6426  Priesthood in the Fathers  (3 Credits)  

At the heart of the Christian religion is the relationship between the believer and the Triune God as revealed and encountered through Jesus Christ. This relationship, revelation, and encounter contain a communal, ecclesial dimension that takes specific shape through the lived discipleship of one's individual vocation. From the beginning, early Christians reflected on and understood the vocation of Priesthood in this light. The distinct ways in which the Church Fathers developed and articulated this vision of Priesthood offer compelling and relevant insights into contemporary priestly ministry. (Cross-referenced to PTHO 6426 and STHO 6426)

HSTD 6430  Worshipping w Church Fathers  (3 Credits)  

HSTD 6430 Worshipping with the Fathers of the Church Examines the earliest records and descriptions of Christian worship alongside the spiritual and theological understandings the first Christians brought to their worship and how these factors contributed to forming the liturgical sensibilities, structures and cycles familiar to Christians today. Special attention is given to the writings of Church Fathers of the first 500 years.

HSTD 6435  ST: Salvation Hist:BIBL/THEO  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6516  Hebrews and Catholic Letters  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6577  Mariology  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6585  Creation and Science  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6710  Women Mystics  (3 Credits)  

An exploration of the phenomenon and meaning of mysticism. A study of the lives, times, and spirituality of such women mystics as Theresa of Avila, Therese of Lisieux, Edith Stein, Catherine of Siena, Faustina, Elizabeth of the Trinity and Julian of Norwich. An analysis of their major writings, including autobiographies, letters, and poetry. (Cross-referenced to PTHO 6710)

HSTD 6790  Ind St- 5 Key Spiritual Figure  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6807  American Christianity  (3 Credits)  

The development of Christianity in the Americas from the beginnings of evangelization to the present, focusing on the Catholic Church in the United States; the impact of the English Reformation as setting the stage for the major cultural forces influencing the present-day United States; growth of the Church in the English colonies and its subsequent expansion, particularly due to 19th and 20th century immigration; Catholic education and the evolution of pastoral ministry; issues facing Catholicism in its contemporary encounter with cultural forces in America today.

HSTD 6809  History of Christianity  (3 Credits)  

An overview of the development of Christianity from its origins to the present: the evolution of Christianity from a movement within Judaism to a world religion; Church polity, belief and spirituality in succeeding periods; current challenges facing contemporary Christianity. Issues such as Church-State relations, the Reformation and the influence of the Enlightenment on the Church are major themes.

HSTD 6813  The Reformation  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6817  Counter-Reformation  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6833  ST: Sacraments Early Church  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6834  Catholics in New Jersey  (3 Credits)  
HSTD 6839  Art-Architect Churches Newark  (3 Credits)  

This course investigates the principles of historical and contemporary ecclesiastical architecture and applies them to churches of the archdiocese of Newark. It includes tours of exemplary churches and the ateliers of prominent architects and designers. The students will achieve knowledge and skills to interpret and evaluate the design of churches they encounter.

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