NULD - Clinical Nurse Leader (NULD)

NULD 6001  Introduction to Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Introduction to Nursing Leadership in Healthcare  (1 Credit)  

This course explores the history of nursing leadership to the present with emphasis on the evolution of healthcare and healthcare delivery, and an introduction to systems theory. Leadership is defined as it applies to both micro and macro systems. The interdisciplinary work of the CNL is emphasized.

NULD 6005  Health Assessment- Clin Skills  (4 Credits)  
NULD 6006  Health Assessment  (3 Credits)  
NULD 6010  CRD I-Nu Care of Adults- Aged  (4 Credits)  
NULD 6011   Clinical Role Development I: Nursing care of Adults and the Aged  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6015  Pathophysiology  (4 Credits)  

This course provides a conceptual, integrative approach to view and examine pathophysiological phenomena that will serve to focus on clinical problems encountered across disease or illness categories. The pathophysiological phenomena are those for which nurses assume a major role in assessing, monitoring, evaluating, and managing. Concentration is on mechanisms and pathological consequence of each phenomenon.

NULD 6020  Pharmocology  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on the role of the nurse in pharmacological therapy and considers sociocultural, economic, and technologic changes in the safe administration of prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and herbal therapy. Drug categories, including prototypes related to each body system will be studied. Emphasis is on developing the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to formulate and implement plans of care for clients receiving pharmacological therapy in acute care, critical care, and community settings.

NULD 6124  Forces in Healthcare  (3 Credits)  
NULD 6200  Leading Healthcare Teams  (1 Credit)  
NULD 6203  Clinical Role Development II: Nursing Care of Persons with Psychiatric Illness  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6206  Clinical Role Development III: Nursing Care of Adults with Acute Health Problems  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6209  Ethical Issues in Nursing and Healthcare  (3 Credits)  
NULD 6212  Theory and Evidence-Based Practice  (4 Credits)  
NULD 6300  Clinical Role Development IV: Nusring Care of Childrearing Families  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6305  Clinical Role Development V  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6310  End-of-Life Care  (1 Credit)  
NULD 6315  Legal Aspects of Nursing  (1 Credit)  
NULD 6400  Clinical Role Development VI: Community Health Nursing  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6405  Clinical Role Development VII: Nursing Care of Chronically Ill Individuals  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6500  Clinical Role Development VIII: Synthesis Practicum  (5 Credits)  
NULD 6501  Synthesis Lab - Seminar  (2 Credits)  
NULD 6502  Clinical Role Development VIII  (4 Credits)  
NULD 6505  Organization of Healthcare Environments  (3 Credits)  
NULD 6510  Epidemiology and World Health  (3 Credits)  
NULD 6600  Clinical Nurse Leader in Healthcare  (3 Credits)  
NULD 6605  Clinical Nurse Leader Capstone Program  (7 Credits)  

This course is an intensive clinical experience supervised by a professional nurse preceptor. The experience allows for full implementation of the clinical nurse leader competencies and includes a strong interdisciplinary practice focus. Seminars will be scheduled with faculty to discuss clinical progress and issues. A capstone project is required and will be presented at the end of the course. Prerequisite: CNL Fifth semester courses.

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