DASC - Data Science (DASC)

DASC 6010  Data Mining  (3 Credits)  
DASC 6811  Statistics for Data Science  (3 Credits)  
DASC 6911  Big Data Analytics  (3 Credits)  

This course is a graduate tour of techniques for processing big data that aims at future Data Scientists. It covers algorithms and software frameworks that are used for automating data analysis of big data. The course topics include Python for data science, big data stack, data analytics architecture, MapReduce, Hadoop and case studies such as recommendation engines. The course teaches practical skills in implementing big data analytics using industry-standard software, such as Python and MapReduce, and cloud computing services.

DASC 7000  Data Visualization  (3 Credits)  
DASC 7111  Text Mining  (3 Credits)  
DASC 7211  Network Analysis  (3 Credits)  
DASC 7521  Operations Research  (3 Credits)  
DASC 8011  Intern in Visual Analytics  (3 Credits)  
DASC 8211  Machine Learning  (3 Credits)  
DASC 8212  Deep Learning  (3 Credits)  
DASC 8222  Data Engineering  (3 Credits)  

The data engineering course offers a blend of theory, case studies, and hands-on experiences. At the end of the course, students will be able to build a data warehouse and data lake, automate date pipelines, work with massive datasets, and understand the concepts of a major platform for cloud computing, such a Amazon Wed Services (AWS), its terminologies, and benefits.

DASC 8803  ST - Adv Machine Learning  (3 Credits)  
DASC 8811  Special Topics in Data Science  (1 Credit)  
DASC 8812  Special Topics in Data Science  (2 Credits)  
DASC 8813  MS in Data Science  (3 Credits)  
DASC 9311  Data Science Project  (3 Credits)  
DASC 9413  M.S. Thesis  (3 Credits)  

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