BHRM - Human Resource Mgmt (BHRM)

BHRM 7521  Human Resource Mgmt  (3 Credits)  

Case study of supervisory decisions relating to motivation of employees; use of authority and the work environment. Examines problems of performance and reward systems. Analysis of individual and group relations. Offered: Alternate Fall semesters.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9104  
BHRM 7526  Gender and Diversity Issues  (3 Credits)  

Explores how contemporary attitudes toward gender, race and ethnicity influence work and business. Examines the full range of issues, including the social-legal-political context of diversity, behaviors and perceptions associated with diversity, and personal and management strategies for addressing diversity. Uses lecture discussion format and makes extensive use of experiential exercises and videos. Offered: Irregularly.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9104  
BHRM 7535  Intl Human Resource  (3 Credits)  

Explores human resource issues raised by globalization and internationalization of the firm. Offered: Irregularly.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9104  
BHRM 7540  Strategic Mgmt-Human Resources  (3 Credits)  

Human resources managers are being asked to think strategically. How can human resources add to the firm's capacity to relate to, respond to, and influence the diverse and conflicting challenges in the environment?

Prerequisites: BMBA 9104  
BHRM 7550  Cult Dimen of Intl Business  (3 Credits)  

Focuses on the way local business and business negotiations are conducted. The way different cultures interface as they do business. Offered: Irregularly.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9104  
BHRM 7950  Seminar - Management of Change  (3 Credits)  

Exploration of the literature on organizational development. Through the use of experiential simulations, opportunity to gain insight into the consequences of behavior in a situational context. Theory, experience and application of concepts integrated through change analysis. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9104  

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