COTC - Comm Theory and Critic (COTC)

COTC 6100  Intro Organizational Comm  (3 Credits)  

Communication contexts and situations within profit and nonprofit organizations are explored to identify common communication techniques, strategies, and patterns of information and influence. Consequently, organizational functions, structures, and systems are analyzed through the lens of various organizational communication theories. An emphasis is placed on organizational communication problem solving as well as identifying and developing effective communication strategies that impact organizational productivity, growth, and values in workplace settings.

COTC 6193  Individual Research  (3 Credits)  

Independent study on a select topic completed under the supervision of the instructor.

COTC 7110  Communication Research  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces students to research in the field of Communication. It involves the exploration of communication texts, communication contexts, a survey of research methods with related paradigms, and academic writing in the discipline. Students develop their research vocabulary, advanced writing skills, and research abilities for analyzing and evaluating information in the Communication discipline as it relates to their major area of study. This course is a prerequisite for the Master’s Project I and II course sequence.

COTC 7111  Communication Consulting  (3 Credits)  

This course explores the theory and practice of communication consulting. An emphasis is placed on identifying professional challenges through projects and discussions, as well as the role and function of a consultant to private and public businesses and organizations. The course provides a practical view of the multiple components of this profession, and offers strategies for success while also examining communication theories at play in consulting contexts.

COTC 8110  Communication Ethics  (3 Credits)  

The development of professional and personal ethics for communication in the corporate and public sectors is examined in this course. This includes issues such as work communication, journalist and PR codes of ethics, hate-speech online, media representations, and other ethical issues related to the implementation and use of digital technologies. Students deal with actual case problems in corporate and public communication.

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