GMPT - Physical Therapy (GMPT)

GMPT 6103  Principle-Motor-Control-Lrng  (2 Credits)  
GMPT 6113  Motor Control Seminar  (1 Credit)  
GMPT 6115  Pharmacology Seminar  (1 Credit)  
GMPT 6202  Adv Clinical Pathophys I  (3 Credits)  
GMPT 6203  Adv Clinical Pathophys II  (3 Credits)  
GMPT 6211  Neuroscience Seminar  (1 Credit)  
GMPT 6212  Motor Development Seminar  (1 Credit)  
GMPT 7301  Anatomic Clin Head and Neck  (3 Credits)  
GMPT 8301  Practical PNF  (3 Credits)  
GMPT 8401  Physiological Response-Disabil  (3 Credits)  

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