COPR - Public Relations (COPR)

COPR 6000  PR Research and Writing  (3 Credits)  

Planning, organizing, writing and editing are examined in this class as interrelated phases of written communication for key stakeholders including media members. Emphasis is on the types of writing required of managers including proposals, reports and business recommendations. Writing in AP style is a key component.

COPR 6002  Global Perspectives  (3 Credits)  

Designed to present the professional principles and practices in public relations for corporate, governmental, and nonprofit organizations in an international framework. The course includes cultural considerations, best practices, and real-world examples so students can increase their inter-cultural competence and learn how to conduct campaigns in countries across the globe. Consideration is given to the level of economic development, prevailing culture, and political variables affecting public relations in an international setting.

COPR 6003  Theory - Principles of PR  (3 Credits)  

This course examines public relations history, theory, trends, tools and tactics, and provides a deep review of the major PR theory and practices. Students will examine how public relations theory has evolved and has become more welcoming of diverse ideas and research methodologies. Students will analyze theories and principles using real-world examples as context for an applied understanding of how and why to plan, implement, and evaluate PR programs.

COPR 7550  Nonprofit Communication  (3 Credits)  

This course is designed for those currently working in the nonprofit sector, or who volunteer with nonprofits or would like to embark on a nonprofit career. It provides students with a broad understanding of how effective communication can further the mission and goals of a nonprofit organization and proposes communication strategies and approaches for making this happen.

COPR 8003  Strategic Plan - Practical App  (3 Credits)  

This course examines the strategy behind and process of researching, planning, implementing, and evaluating public relations tactics and campaigns. This course provides students with theoretical and practical guidelines for designing programs and campaigns for clients, and provides tools to examine and understand the theories behind them. Students are then asked to demonstrate their understanding of these concepts by applying them through the creation of a public relations campaign.

COPR 8200  Sp Tp - Master's Project II  (3 Credits)  

Students conduct original research and develop recommendations or solutions to the public relations topic explored. Students continue to work with an academic adviser to complete Chapters 4 and 5 of their project. Students are required to present their project in the semester’s culminating defense.

COPR 8201  Sp Tp Master's Project I  (3 Credits)  

This course is one of a two-part culminating academic experience for students and represents their ability to apply learned research, writing, and other technical skills related to the field. The course requires students to select a research topic from practice, formulate a research question related to that topic, and conduct research on the topic leading to the first three chapters of a research project. Students work closely with an academic adviser as they formulate a final research deliverable for their Master’s Project.

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