GMED - Graduate Medical Ed (GMED)

GMED 6002  Human Physiology  (4 Credits)  
GMED 6003  Principles of Motor Cntrl-Lrng  (2 Credits)  
GMED 6004  Biomedical Ethics  (2 Credits)  

A study of the application of human and professional values, judgment, and choices to selected ethical dilemmas that arise in practice. Emphasis on various traditional and contemporary approaches to normative ethics within decision-making models applicable to resolving professional dilemmas in the delivery of health care.

GMED 6005  Neuroscience  (4 Credits)  
GMED 6008  Human Anatomy  (4 Credits)  
GMED 6023  Adv Exam-Trtmnt of Extremeties  (3 Credits)  
GMED 6024  Ex Physiology and Nutrition  (3 Credits)  

Presents the responses of the human body to normal and pathological processes. Emphasis is placed on the study of muscle physiology, metabolism, cardiovascular and respiratory adaptation, aging, thermoregulation, strength training, and exercise. Application of evaluation procedures is provided thru the use of selected human performance instruments.

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