BITM - Mgmt Information Sys (BITM)

BITM 7127  Ent-Wide Acct Info Sys II  (3 Credits)  

This course will provide participants with a clear understanding of enterprise applications like accounting, materials management, sales and distribution, materials requirement planning and process manufacturing. Each of these applications will be covered through the use of the SAP enterprise systems. In addition, the course will cover security, auditing, evaluation and implementation as applied to information systems.

BITM 7136  Big Data Analytics Bus Impact  (3 Credits)  

Course explores the exponential growth and ever changing large complex data and information created by business and society. Big Data has become so valuable that the World Economic Forum deemed it a new class of economic asset, like oil. Students will study various applications and analytical tools used to derive insight from big data, and how experts in accounting, finance, and operations utilize big data applications to manage reporting, risk management, and compliance. Students learn how different industries leverage the data to impact the bottom line and create competitive advantage.

Prerequisites: BQUA 2811 with a minimum grade of C- or BMBA 9111 with a minimum grade of C-  
BITM 7652  Web 2.0 Marketing  (3 Credits)  

Individualized interactive marketing is one of the fastest growing avenues for targeting customers. This course explores the philosophies underlying individualized interactive marketing including one-to-one marketing, customer relationship management, and mass customization leading to a greater understanding of consumer-firm co-creation of value in a Web 2.0 world. The class will review and discuss books, academic and practitioner articles, and case studies concerning this topic.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9111 with a minimum grade of D and BMBA 9114 with a minimum grade of D  
BITM 7701  Data Analys - Bus Intelligence  (3 Credits)  
BITM 7724  Enterprise Systems Information Modeling  (3 Credits)  

The course is designed to provide an understanding of accounting information and information technology in the operational and strategic decision-making of the firm. Relational databases, data modeling, SQL, and web application development are covered in significant detail. Students will become familiar with several organizational transaction processing subsystems. Students will develop an understanding of internal controls and the impact of information systems on managerial decisions and organization performance.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9458 with a minimum grade of D  
BITM 7732  Enterprise Resource Planning Systems  (3 Credits)  

IT and supply chain management professionals must develop a deep understanding of standard business processes that cut across all organizations. SAP is the industry leading ERP software, and course participants will gain valuable hands-on experience in working with various applications by interacting with the appropriate modules in SAP. The interaction will exercise modules that companies use to implement supply chain management principles. Many of the course assignments will be done on SAP.

Prerequisites: BMBA 9111 with a minimum grade of D  
BITM 7744  Business Intelligence  (3 Credits)  

Routine business operations generate huge amounts of data, but much of it goes unused beyond the immediate purpose for which it was gathered. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the potential for such data to yield significant insights. This course covers tools and techniques for extracting intelligence from data. The course covers the concepts of exploratory data analysis and uses the R computing environment. Topics include principles of data visualization, using ggplot for data visualization, tidying data, preparing data for analysis and exploring data to identify underlying patterns using the dplyr package.

Prerequisites: (BMBA 9111 with a minimum grade of D or BMBA 9102 with a minimum grade of D)  
BITM 7794  Directed Research  (1 Credit)  
BITM 7795  Directed Research  (2 Credits)  
BITM 7796  Directed Research  (3 Credits)  
BITM 7966  AI Management  (3 Credits)  

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