ARCH - Archaeology (ARCH)

ARCH 1112  Archaeology of Greece  (3 Credits)  

History and culture of ancient Greece in light of archaeological discoveries. Basic archaeological terminology and principles. Illustrated with color slides. 3 credits.

ARCH 1250  Women in the Biblical Tradition  (3 Credits)  

Examines the role and place of women in the Ancient Near East, Biblical Israel, Judaism and the New Testament. Compares textual and mythic traditions of Near Eastern and Greco-Roman society, women in the archaeological artifacts and introduces recent feminist interpretations of biblical texts.

ARCH 2112  Ancient Greek Civilization  (3 Credits)  

Rise of Hellenic culture from its genesis in the Aegean Bronze Age, the major interactions of the city-state in the sixth and seventh centuries, the Classical period and its decline. There is extensive use of the World Wide Web, with intensive reliance on the Perseus Greek Civilization Web site as a visual and textual resource.

ARCH 2113  Roman Civilization  (3 Credits)  

Investigation of the tension between individual liberty and the traditional power of state and society and of the political and social institutions that maintain social cohesion in a complex society.

ARCH 2317  Classical Mythology  (3 Credits)  

Study of the gods, heroes and legends of the Greek and Roman peoples. The content, meaning and function of "myths," and their influences upon literature and art.

ARCH 2322  Women in Antiquity  (3 Credits)  

Inquiry into the social, political and legal status of women in ancient Greece and Rome.

ARCH 3110  Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East  (3 Credits)  

Near Eastern religious, aesthetic, cultural and social patterns as expressed in art, sculpture, architecture and literature retrieved through archaeology from specific sites representing earliest times to the Persian and Hellenistic periods. Development of archaeology, especially in relation to museums, with practical applications of reconstruction, conservation and exhibition. Prerequisite: junior class standing.

ARCH 3291  ST Jerusalem in Faith-History  (3 Credits)  

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