HONS - Honors Program (HONS)

HONS 1101  Colloquium on Ancient World  (6 Credits)  

The works of the ancient world as well as the growth of Christianity are discussed and debated. Studies include the religion, literature, philosophy, art and politics of the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome, Africa and Asia.

HONS 1102  Colloquium-Middle Age Renaiss  (6 Credits)  

The growth and expansion of Christianity and Islam and their interactions with Judaism and the culture of the Greco-Roman world-religious views predominate. The rebirth of the classical traditions invigorates the growth of science and the creation of modern philosophy, politics, art and culture. The age of global exploration begins.

Prerequisites: HONS 1001 with a minimum grade of D or HONS 1101 with a minimum grade of D  
HONS 2103  Colloquium-Early Modern World  (6 Credits)  

The great advances of science and geographic expansion continue; during the Age of Reason and the Enlightenment, modern philosophy, literature, politics and the social sciences emerge. Global trade, commerce and settlements grow as European cultures expand their hegemony.

HONS 2105  Coll - Contemp Civilizations  (6 Credits)  

Industrialization, urbanization, popular movements and world wars catapult peoples, nations, and cultures into interactions on a global scale.

Prerequisites: HONS 2003 with a minimum grade of D  
HONS 4192  Independent Study-Honors  (3 Credits)  
HONS 4195  Italy in Footsteps of Saints  (3 Credits)  

Italy enjoys a pre-eminence as a spiritual center for the Christian world alongside its importance in the development of Western civilization's art, music, architecture and political thought. The course will examine the interplay between Italy's profound spiritual heritage and cultural achievements, focusing on the contributions of such key figures as the Apostles Peter and Paul, Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi, Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Ignatius of Loyola. This course is part of Catholic Studies' foreign study tour program.

HONS 5101  Honors Thesis  (3 Credits)  

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