MUTH - Music Theory (MUTH)

MUTH 1099  Songwriting - Music Fundamentl  (3 Credits)  

A hands-on workshop in the art of writing songs with a basic introduction to the fundamentals of music, including melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, texture and form.

MUTH 1112  Theory of Music I  (4 Credits)  

Comprehensive study of musical notation: sight singing, melodic and rhythmic dictation, basic analysis of triads, inversions, phrase structure and the technique employed in harmonization.

MUTH 2112  Theory of Music II  (4 Credits)  

Comprehensive study of harmony including harmonic and rhythmic dictation, advanced sight-singing, study of seventh chords, secondary dominants, modulation to closely related and foreign keys plus advanced four-part analysis. Prerequisite: MUTH 1112.

MUTH 2143  SpTp - - Western Styles  (3 Credits)  
MUTH 2500  Theory of Music I  (3 Credits)  

Diatonic harmony, introduction to species counterpoint, chorale harmonization, and analytical studies. Emphasis on written exercises.

MUTH 2501  Aural Skills I  (1 Credit)  

Diatonic sight singing, ear training, and keyboard harmony.

MUTH 2510  Theory of Music II  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to chromatic harmony and analytical studies. Emphasis on written exercises.

MUTH 2511  Aural Skills II  (1 Credit)  

Continuation of diatonic sight singing and ear training, introduction to chromatic sight singing, ear training, keyboard harmony, and score reading.

MUTH 3111  Theory of Music III  (3 Credits)  

Advanced chromatic harmony, advanced modulation, altered chords, linear chromatic harmony, and analytical studies. Emphasis on written exercises.

MUTH 3173  Independent Study  (3 Credits)  
MUTH 3197  Music Internship  (3 Credits)  
MUTH 4171  Individual Studies Music Thry  (1 Credit)  
MUTH 4173  Independent Study  (3 Credits)  
MUTH 5171  Individual Studies Music Comp  (1 Credit)  
MUTH 5172  Indiv Studies in Music Comp  (2 Credits)  

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