COJR - Journalism and Editor (COJR)

COJR 1421  Writing for the Media  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to various types of media writing, Associated Press style interviewing and copy-editing techniques. Special emphasis on research techniques for media writing and on writing styles for online, print, broadcast, the web and public relations.

COJR 2020  ST Journalism - 2020 Election  (3 Credits)  
COJR 2136  Media Law  (3 Credits)  

Critical evaluation, legal practices and the legal responsibility of the press. Legal problems, including the First Amendment, libel, privacy and intellectual property.

COJR 2240  Media Criticism  (3 Credits)  

Survey of various methods for analyzing and evaluating mass media. Students learn how to apply critical methodologies to understanding media production, content, and the audience.

COJR 2421  News Reporting  (3 Credits)  

Fundamentals of gathering and writing news. Emphasis on reporting and writing various types of stories and the multisource story.

Prerequisites: COMM 1421 with a minimum grade of D or COJR 1421 with a minimum grade of D  
COJR 2431  History of American Journalism  (3 Credits)  

A survey of the history of American journalism from colonial times to the present, as well as understanding journalism in a broader historical context. Emphasis is placed on the news media as a social institution and the development of the profession. The history of advertising and public relations is also considered.

COJR 2432  ST War Report WWII and Beyond  (3 Credits)  
COJR 2434  International News Reporting  (3 Credits)  

Using contemporary dispatches from foreign countries, along with historical examples of pioneering international news coverage, students analyze coverage of key events, paying attention to credibility, bias, and sourcing. Students will do some journalistic writing, but most assignments will focus on analysis of international reporting.

COJR 2520  Contemp Issues in Sprts Journl  (3 Credits)  

This course examines the most pressing question in the business and practice of sports journalism today. Students will analyze the challenges and opportunities facing sports-news outlets in digital and traditional media. They will conduct case studies of individual news outlets and will complete a research project.

COJR 2882  ST - Introduction Sports Media  (3 Credits)  
COJR 2996  ST - Navigating Digital Media  (3 Credits)  
COJR 3191  Independent Study  (1 Credit)  
COJR 3192  Indeendent Study  (2 Credits)  
COJR 3193  Independent Study  (3 Credits)  
COJR 3197  Internship I  (3 Credits)  
COJR 3198  Internship II  (3 Credits)  
COJR 3415  Opinion Writing Journalism-PR  (3 Credits)  

This course will explore the American tradition of opinion writing and commentary in print, broadcast, and online formats. Students will study various forms of opinion writing in journalism and public relations, with particular attention to the role of editorials and op-eds in public policy debates.

COJR 3421  Advanced News Reporting  (3 Credits)  

Advanced news-gathering techniques and investigative reporting.

Prerequisites: COJR 2421 (may be taken concurrently) with a minimum grade of D  
COJR 3422  Social Media in Journalism- PR  (3 Credits)  

Students are introduced to a variety of social media and the ways in which they may be used by journalists, public relations professionals, and citizens for information gathering, reporting, publicity, and engagement. Students will examine the principles behind social media and gain practical experience in the application of several tools.

COJR 3423  Sports Reporting  (3 Credits)  

Students will learn to report and write about sports for a variety of media including print, broadcast and online platforms, with practical experience in writing stories on deadline about sports events. Students also will read and critically examine sports journalism.

COJR 3426  Feature Writing  (3 Credits)  

Students research and write articles that go beyond breaking news. Areas of focus include generating ideas, identifying target audiences and outlets, pitching stories, and learning different writing techniques.

Prerequisites: COMM 1421 with a minimum grade of D or COJR 1421 with a minimum grade of D  
COJR 3428  News Editing  (3 Credits)  

Copy editing, Associated Press style, headline writing. The role of the editor in the contemporary newsroom.

Prerequisites: COMM 1421 or COJR 1421  
COJR 3430  Literary Journalism  (3 Credits)  

The writings of great American journalists, including historically significant and contemporary writers. Emphasis is on narrative and investigative journalism. Students learn to evaluate critically and appreciate these works.

COJR 3432  Gender and the Media  (3 Credits)  

Survey of women’s participation in the media as both producers and consumers, and the portrayal of women by the media. Critical study of how women have been represented in journalism, film, television and advertising.

COJR 4197  Internship III  (3 Credits)  
COJR 4198  Internship IV  (3 Credits)  
COJR 4421  ST - Investigative Reporting  (3 Credits)  
COJR 4424  Broadcast News Writing  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces gathering, writing and presenting broadcast news. Student work focuses on writing and performance of studio-based newscasts. Students will be introduced to radio and TV newswriting and newscasting.

COJR 4425  Television News Production  (3 Credits)  

Instruction and practice in developing, writing, interviewing, shooting, editing and voicing packages for a television news format.

COJR 5499  Senior Seminar-Journalism  (3 Credits)  

Examines the relationship between research and the practice of journalism. Students conduct original research and present their findings. The seminar also serves as a forum for discussion of issues and concerns in contemporary journalism.

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