HPER - Health Ed-Phys Ed-Rec (HPER)

HPER 1001  Application and Theory of Yoga  (3 Credits)  
HPER 1403  Introduction to Team Sports I  (3 Credits)  
HPER 1404  Introduction to Team Sports II  (3 Credits)  

This course will serve as an introduction to the skills, rules, and philosophies of traditional winter and spring sports. The organization of teams and skills to officiating are practiced for aspiring coaches.

HPER 1405  Dance Fundamentals  (3 Credits)  

This physical activity course is an introduction to various types of modern, classical, cultural, social, and artistic forms of rhythmical movement and dance. The elements of creative dance will be covered.

HPER 1417  Basic Concepts Health  (3 Credits)  

This is the study of the health as a “complete state of well being,” not merely the “absence of disease.” Consideration is given to current aspects of health: social, mental, spiritual, emotional, personal and physical.

HPER 2001  Advanced Yoga  (3 Credits)  
HPER 2222  Personalized Physical Fitness  (3 Credits)  

Students are mentored in the establishment of their own attainable and measurable fitness goals and devise a comprehensive fitness plan. Participants engage in exercises and assessment related to their personal goals.

HPER 2404  Athletic Conditioning and First Aid  (3 Credits)  

This course focuses on the prevention and emergency treatment for common injuries and sudden illnesses. Learners develop skills in bandaging, taping, conditioning, massage, and rescue techniques. American Red Cross Standard First Aid and First Responder certification is available to qualified students.

HPER 2405  Aquatics  (3 Credits)  

This course is for non-swimmers to lifeguard candidates. It provides training in teaching Red Cross swimming skills, water safety and conditioning. The course offers the opportunity to receive certification in Advanced Senior Lifesaving and/or Water Safety Instruction.

HPER 2406  Advanced Aquatics  (3 Credits)  
HPER 2444  Sexuality for Healthy Living  (3 Credits)  

This course includes the study of relationships, physiology, disease prevention, and decision making with regard to healthy sexual behavior.

HPER 2501  Fund of Mindfulness Meaning  (3 Credits)  
HPER 2599  History-Philosophy of Sport  (3 Credits)  
HPER 2601  Contemp Health Issues for Wome  (3 Credits)  

This course involves the application of critical thinking to major physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental health issues and resources related to the wellness of women in contemporary life.

HPER 3401  Physiology of Exercise  (3 Credits)  

Studies pertaining to the changes in body of function resulting from physical effort and applied anatomy and kinesiology as it relates to sports medicine. Prerequisites: BIOL 1102 and BIOL 1103.

HPER 3403  Current Methods of Teaching Health  (3 Credits)  

Planning, instructional, and assessment techniques for the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains of health education are studied and applied in course activities. Practices, standards, laws, ethics, and controversies of health education are addressed.

HPER 3409  Topics in Family Life  (3 Credits)  

Resources and strategies for teaching skills of prevention and intervention with regard to mental health, interpersonal dynamics, and issues of sexuality are addressed from the perspective of families.

HPER 3444  Scuba Diving  (3 Credits)  

Practice in the techniques of scuba diving skills, safety procedures and equipment management. Students may opt for certification. Lab fee additional.

HPER 3560  Bio-Mechanics  (3 Credits)  

Combines the study of physiology, physics and biology as they apply to motor conditioning. Prerequisites: BIOL 1102-1103.

HPER 3570  Principles and Practices in Community Health  (3 Credits)  

Study of the roles of the community health educator and information regarding resources for community health education. Course includes practical experience in addition to classroom instruction

HPER 4102  Practice Theory Art TaeKwonDo  (3 Credits)  
HPER 4402  Nutrition and Physical Fitness  (3 Credits)  

A practical approach to the study of the relationships of nutrition to wellness, physical fitness, disease prevention and exercise are covered with the perspective of personal nutrition. Students asses their own health status with regard to habits of nutrition and exercise.

HPER 4410  Elementary Folk Dance, Games and Rhythms  (3 Credits)  

Instruction in various forms of folk, social, rhythmic and aerobic dances. Simple individual and group games are presented for development values.

HPER 4415  Ind Study-Health and Phys Ed  (1 Credit)  
HPER 4416  Independent Study  (3 Credits)  

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