COGR - Communication Graphics (COGR)

COGR 2321  Print Typography and Electronic Publishing  (3 Credits)  

Practical aspects of preparing, planning and producing publications. Includes the fundamentals of typography, type specification, legibility and creative typography, as well as all aspects of electronic publishing, electronic pre-press, color printing, computer graphics software and hardware, input and output devices and post press.

COGR 3112  Multimedia Production  (3 Credits)  

Prepare students to use multimedia authoring software, such as Macromedia Director, for the creation of multimedia presentations used in business, training materials, kiosk displays, computer games and entertainment. Students learn how to prepare and manipulate the basic elements of multimedia, such as digital sound, animation, graphics and text. Prerequisite: COGR 2112.

COGR 3320  Advanced Photography  (3 Credits)  

Using digital still cameras with video capability, students will create and edit short news and documentary stories. Techniques of the small photographic studio, including portrait photography and studio strobe lighting, will also be taught.

Prerequisites: COGR 2320  
COGR 3321  Publication Design  (3 Credits)  

Fundamentals of publication design, including a review of design theory as it relates to contemporary publication design practices. Projects and portfolio work selected according to students' design goals. Course covers newspaper, magazine, advertising and Web page design, and other design situations depending on student needs, resulting in an individualized, comprehensive publication design portfolio.

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