IDIS - Interdisciplinary (IDIS)

IDIS 1501  Peoples and Cultures of America I  (3 Credits)  

Introduces the various racial, ethnic, and religious groups who comprise the current American mosaic, from its earliest Native American inhabitants to the most recent immigrants. An overview of their cultural contributions and the manner in which gender and class influences their experiences constitute an important focus. Readings are drawn from original sources as well as monographs. Guest speakers and films will be used in this interdisciplinary multicultural course.

IDIS 1502  Peoples and Cultures of America II  (3 Credits)  

Presents a comparative overview of those foreign cultures that have sent and are sending America immigrants from Asian, African, European, Caribbean, and Latin American nations. Readings are obtained from original sources and monographs. A multicultural course exploring cultural diversity in a global context. Guest speakers and films will be used in this interdisciplinary course.

IDIS 2111  ST-Comptrs,Info and Modrn Worl  (3 Credits)  
IDIS 3881  Spcl Tpc - Lib Stu Internship  (3 Credits)  
IDIS 5001  Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies  (3 Credits)  

This course is a senior seminar for students in the Liberal Studies Program. The aim of the course is to give students the chance to examine how their previous coursework in the program contributes to their education in the context of a rigorous seminar. This is a writing-intensive course that focuses on issues within the humanities and discussions with the director.

IDIS 5002  Senior Seminar in Social and Behavioral Science  (3 Credits)  

Interdisciplinary senior seminar for social science majors which fulfills the graduation requirements for the SOBS or the SOBT major. Topics for the participants are decided upon in consultation with the faculty members directing the seminars and vary by the student’s minor field.

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