GMED - Graduate Medical Ed (GMED)

GMED 1000  Introduction to the Health Professions  (3 Credits)  

A survey of health professions to include: athletic training, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant, and speech-language pathology. 3 credits.

GMED 4007  Research Methods and Biostatistics  (3 Credits)  

Introduces and provides students with a working knowledge of the research process, with an emphasis on formulating a research question and a logical plan to answer it. Topics will include processes for developing the research question, research design and statistical procedures. The goal is to help students prepare a research proposal for a research topic. 3 credits

GMED 4024  Exercise Physiology-Nutrition  (3 Credits)  

Presents the responses of the human body to normal and pathological processes. Emphasis is placed on the study of muscle physiology, metabolism, cardiovascular and respiratory adaptation, aging, thermoregulation, strength training, and exercise. Application of evaluation procedures is provided thru the use of selected human performance instruments. 3 credits

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