IPHS-Interprofessional Health Sciences (IPHS)

IPHS 2510  Introduction to Health Sciences and Health Careers  (3 Credits)  

 This introductory course is for students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare profession. The purpose of the course is for students to gain a basic knowledge of the skills required for diverse health professions. The course provides students with an overview of careers in the health systems. Various health care professions and career opportunities are incorporated into this course. The collaborative and interprofessional nature of the health care team is emphasized in the modern health care arena. Students are encouraged to explore health professions through assignments, observations, guest lecturers and interviews.

IPHS 2511  Professionalism, Practice and Ethics for Healthcare Professionals  (2 Credits)  

This course addresses professional role development integrating concepts of multidimensional care and analysis to inform clinical decision making, professional judgment, and lifelong learning.

IPHS 3510  Promotion of Health and Wellness in the Health Sciences  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces the student to the concepts of the promotion of health and wellness. Topics include understanding the health consumer, personal health, relationships, disease prevention, and substance use.

IPHS 3550  Statistics and Research in the Health Sciences  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces statistical research methods in health science. This course provides students with the tools to collect and analyze data. Students will analyze peer-reviewed literature to improve critical thinking skills. Emphasis will be placed on concepts of data collection, data entry, data analysis and interpretation utilizing SPSS and Excel software programs.

IPHS 4510  Social Determinants of Health for the Health Sciences  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces students to the social determinants of health and population health in the United States. Students develop knowledge of behavioral and social factors that contribute to population health inequity and the impact of health disparity. Other topics include skill development in cultural humility, deliberative dialogue, and active listening to reduce health inequities.

IPHS 4520  Legal Concepts for Healthcare Delivery  (3 Credits)  

A review of the current national health care crisis and the impact on legal issues for reform. Topics include issues of health care access, cost and quality control, Medicare and Medicaid, and the impact of legal decisions on the roles of health institutions, health care contracts and claims, right to treatment, and federal health plans vs. private health coverage.

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