COST - Speech and Theatre (COST)

COST 1500  Foundations in Oral Rhetoric  (2 Credits)  

Rhetoric is the art of effective expression. Since ancient Athens, rhetoric has been foundational for civil society and the heart of a liberal education. A skilled rhetor has mastered five inter-related facilities- invention, disposition, style, memory, and elocution. This course provides an introduction to rhetorical practice and serves at the foundational course for Seton Hall University’s oral communication proficiency.

COST 1600  Oral Communication  (3 Credits)  

Broad study of the speaking and listening experience. Students perform and evaluate their skills. Voice and articulation and the organization and presentation of ideas.

COST 2001  Spec Top-Effective Leadership  (3 Credits)  
COST 2621  Pub and Present Speaking  (3 Credits)  
COST 3101  Propaganda, Religion and War  (3 Credits)  

The course entails a political, historical, and ethical exploration of discursive and visual propaganda. As a form of mass persuasion, propaganda has long been a vital constituent of both religious discourse and the rhetoric of warfare. The course begins with an examination of the emergence of propaganda as a strategic concept in the 17th Century Vatican¿s response to the Protestant Reformation. It then combines analytical and ethical perspectives on propaganda with a detailed examination of propaganda-like practices throughout history. Such perspectives enable an ethical evaluation of war-related propaganda efforts, such as those enacted by governments in World War I and World War II, as well as more recent propaganda relating to the 9/11 attacks and to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ultimately, students will be able to assess propaganda as a political practice, with an emphasis on communication ethics. Crosslisted with CORE3320

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