BQUA - Quantitative Analysis (BQUA)

BQUA 2811  Business Statistics  (3 Credits)  

This course provides students with an understanding of statistical techniques for analyzing business problems. Concepts are developed using calculations for simple problems with small amounts of data. Larger and more realistic problems are handled using Microsoft Excel. Topics include descriptive statistics, elements of probability, sampling, interval estimation, hypothesis testing and regression analysis.

Prerequisites: (MATH 1303 with a minimum grade of C or MATH 1205 with a minimum grade of C or MATH 1401 with a minimum grade of C or MATH 1501 with a minimum grade of C) and BITM 2701 with a minimum grade of D  
BQUA 2812  Quantitative Decision Making  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces quantitative models of management science and their applications to decision making in a business environment. Topics may include decision analysis, forecasting, linear programming, inventory, queuing and simulation

Prerequisites: BQUA 2811 with a minimum grade of D or MATH 2111 with a minimum grade of D or MATH 2711 with a minimum grade of D or MATH 1101 with a minimum grade of D or MATH 1203 with a minimum grade of D  

Students with a semester level of Freshman may not enroll.

BQUA 3701  Data Analys - Bus Intelligence  (3 Credits)  
BQUA 3840  Procurement Management  (3 Credits)  

This course will cover both tactical and strategic aspects of the procurement process. It covers global sourcing and procurement strategies including supplier selection and evaluation, supplier relationships and risk management, negotiation and contract management, and e-Procurement. From the tactical point of view, it covers the elements of the purchase-to-pay process including order management, spending analysis and category management. Woven through each topic are performance measures and critical success factors for an overall responsive and resilient procurement process.

BQUA 4701  Internship  (3 Credits)  
BQUA 4702  Directed Research  (3 Credits)  

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