DASC - Data Science (DASC)

DASC 3000  Data Visualization  (3 Credits)  
DASC 3010  Data Mining  (3 Credits)  
DASC 3111  Text Mining  (3 Credits)  

A majority of data collected today is unstructured and therefore not immediately accessible to standard data mining techniques. Much of that unstructured data comes in the form of text. Analyzing textual data requires a specialized suite of tools, tools which collectively constitute the field of text mining. This course introduces the foundations of text mining and provides techniques and ideas that demonstrate how text mining can be used to extract useful information from a large text corpus. Applications include examples in the humanities, law, business, and the sciences. Text processing and analysis will be carried out using standard software for text mining. The course is intended for any student desiring an introduction to text mining. 3 credits

DASC 4011  Intern in Visual Analytics  (3 Credits)  
DASC 4021  Project in Visual Analytics  (3 Credits)  

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