BMIS - Mgmt Information Sys (BMIS)

BMIS 3721  Prob Solv and Prog Tech I  (3 Credits)  

This is a first course in computer programming for business majors. Students are exposed to algorithms and programming techniques, with a focus on business-oriented problems. After successfully completing this course, students should be able to translate a basic problem into a well-designed computer program. The programming language used in the course is Java. Prerequisite: BMIS 2701 and MATH 1303 or permission of instructor. Not offered 2007-2008.

Prerequisites: BMIS 2701 (may be taken concurrently) and MATH 1303 (may be taken concurrently)  
BMIS 3728  Comp in a GUI Environment  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisites: BMIS 3727 (may be taken concurrently)  
BMIS 3729  Object Oriented Programming  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisites: BMIS 3727 (may be taken concurrently)  

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