BMIE - Applied Computing (BMIE)

BMIE 1001  Real World Technologies  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to computers and computing, problem solving, and the impact of computers in our lives. Course provides a working knowledge of computers and Windows environment with an emphasis on word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, presentation, and Web editing software. Course designed to focus on student computing needs. Formerly, Computer Fundamentals

BMIE 3700  Intg Curr-Tech in Inclus Clrm  (3 Credits)  
BMIE 3705  Webpage Technologies  (3 Credits)  

Learn how to use the Internet and related tools, Microsoft FrontPage, information utilities, and other aspects of information technology. Prepares the non-technical student to survive the electronic information explosion and succeed in the 21st century.

BMIE 3708  Org-Adm Tech and Media Ctrs  (3 Credits)  
BMIE 3710  Digital Resh and Info Literacy  (3 Credits)  

Advanced electronic research using computer-based and Internet accessible tools. Find, evaluate and assemble the best information for individual research interests and workplace needs. Develop research skills and information discrimination techniques using electronic resources. Includes research methodology, bibliography development, search strategies, electronic reference materials, online newspapers and periodicals, email, listservs, and newsgroups.

BMIE 3716  Access Database Applications Development  (3 Credits)  

Learn to manage information using a relational database. Gain the knowledge and expertise to develop simple to complex queries, data entry forms and reports. Database design and the importance of referential integrity are stressed.

BMIE 4304  Production of Instructional Resources I  (3 Credits)  

Introduction to a basic model of communication and the visual production skills required to design information. Text, grahics, visual literacy, visual design, digital photography, and video recording will be explored in relationship to constructing clear communication for maximizing learning. Presenter and presentation techniques using these various communication modes will also be examined.

BMIE 4305  Production of Instructional Resources II  (3 Credits)  

Learn to design and develop technology-based strategies that support the instructional needs of learners in any content area. Advanced techniques for concept mapping, WebQuests, Excel, PowerPoint, and more will be employed to visualize the thought process, design games, create simulations, encourage collaboration, stimulate active learner participation and spur learners to engage in both independent and group activities that encourage higher order thinking skills.

BMIE 4343  Prod of Inst Resources III  (3 Credits)  

This course combines the use of new media tools to create instructional products that enable the creation of products which can fully engage the community through creative educational experiences. New media applications such as Windows Live Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Elements and Audacity can be used to remix video, audio, songs, text and images into products which will be delivered through Web 2.0 social networking applications such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

BMIE 4344  Seminar: Social, Ethical and Legal Issues in Computing  (3 Credits)  

Social, ethical, and legal problems associated with computer-based technologies will be explored, debated and researched, along with the means for reducing problems and coping with their effects.

BMIE 4345  Online Course Management and Delivery  (3 Credits)  

Learn to design and build online course instruction for delivery via the Internet. Develop the tools to provide online instruction including creating an online environment, learning research techniques, examining plagiarism and copyright issues, and planning overall online course management.

BMIE 4347  Special Projects in Technology  (3 Credits)  

Students develop technology-based projects using new and emerging technologies. The instructional design process is employed throughout the development of the project. Project content is related to student's field of study.

BMIE 4348  Online Course Design and Implementation  (3 Credits)  

Design and develop a complete plan for building an online course for Internet delivery. Learn to create course modules, use facilitation and moderating techniques, design assessment and develop a student-centered online environment that encourages positive learning outcomes.

BMIE 4349  Internship in Information Technologies I  (3 Credits)  

A field-based opportunity to gain professional experience in a work situation appropriate to career goals. Development of critical thinking and leadership skills while performing authentic tasks.

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