IPCI 2530  Foundations of Health Science Management for Health Professionals  (3 Credits)  

This course is designed for diverse health professionals, including future health practitioners with clinical backgrounds, whose responsibilities include health management for various health organizations. Applications of traditional health management skills and competencies are tailored to emphasize the role of clinicians, highly educated workforces, safety, and risks for health employees, and managing health delivery personnel services that are complex and are offered in disparate settings from emergency rooms to assisted care facilities.

IPCI 2532  Introduction to Health Policy and Pharmacoeconomics  (3 Credits)  

This course introduces the fundamentals of Pharmacoeconomics. The course compares the cost and outcomes of therapies from an economic perspective. Various techniques are applied to the decision-making approaches to determine the value of the therapies under investigation. These techniques are applied in the selection of patient treatment and formulary evaluation. Quantitative techniques as they impact health policy on quality-of-life issues is discussed.

IPCI 4575  Capstone for Interprofessional Health Sciences  (3 Credits)  

The Capstone project is a formative and summative assessment of the student’s knowledge and competencies in their interprofessional health science concentration. The Capstone course runs like a seminar although the student has a project advisor to guide the work. The outcome measures of the Capstone are a written product, either a paper or poster presentation, and/or an oral presentation of the work to the department, school or elsewhere. The individual Capstone project to showcase the student’s interest will be decided upon by the advisor and student. The Capstone project can be research-related, direct work experience or other application. The main criterion is that the advisor and student agree that the Capstone project reflects the student’s knowledge and skills in or related to their interprofessional health science concentration.

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