BSPM - Sport Management (BSPM)

BSPM 1500  Intro to eSports  (1 Credit)  
BSPM 1503  Intro to eSports  (3 Credits)  
BSPM 1535  Introduction to the Sport Industry  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to the sport industry, growth trends in the industry, and careers in the industry, including an overview of management in the professional sport franchise; intercollegiate athletics, sport marketing and promotions; athlete representation; sport law; facilities management; the health club, spa, resort industry; and sport tourism. Offered: Irregularly. Limited to students with less than 60 credits. May be taken as a general elective only.

Enrollment limited to students with a semester level of Freshman or Sophomore.  
BSPM 4232  Sport Finance  (3 Credits)  

Application of finance principles to the sport industry, including revenue sources, valuation issues, performance, and corporate sponsorships. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Prerequisites: BFIN 2201 and ECON 1402 and ECON 1403  
BSPM 4330  Sport Law  (3 Credits)  

The constitutional aspects of athletics with special attention toward procedural and substantive due process. The formation and conditions of contracts from both the management and individual's perspectives. The rights of athletes, coaches and management according to the ability of each to participate in the prospective sports¿ leagues and organizations. Strong emphasis on ethical concerns in the sport industry. Prerequisite: BLAW 2301. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Prerequisites: BLAW 2301 (may be taken concurrently)  
BSPM 4535  The Management of Sport Organizations  (3 Credits)  

This course examines the application of general principles of management to the sport industry and to the management of sport organizations in particular. The course provides the student with an overview of the sport industry, as well as the issues encountered by managers of sport organizations and how management techniques can be applied to effectively address these issues. Students will also consider the ethical and moral dilemmas facing sport managers and the sport industry as a whole. Offered Fall, Spring.

Prerequisites: BMGT 2501  
BSPM 4537  Global Sport Facilities Management  (3 Credits)  

This course examines the real-time history and operations of sport facilities in the U.S. and throughout the world, largely through the use of the World Wide Web. Course content includes the study of: planning and design, services management, marketing and public relations, concessions, event and operations management, maintenance, funding, administration and franchise interaction. Prerequisite: BMGT 2501. Offered: Irregularly.

BSPM 4541  Sport Business Analytics  (3 Credits)  
Prerequisites: BMKT 2601  
BSPM 4548  Professional Sport Franchises  (3 Credits)  

An examination of the basic business unit of American professional sports, the individual franchise. Topics of discussion include: the nature of ownership; franchise exclusivity; rights vested in the franchise; the creation of local broadcast rights and the building of regional sports networks; the reasons for building and upgrading venues and facilities; revenue maximization; hiring of skilled professional staff; strategic pricing; customer knowledge and relationship strategies. Via a case study method, students will review the success and failure of a variety of sports franchises.

Enrollment limited to students with a semester level of Junior or Senior.  
BSPM 4590  Sport Management Co-op  (0 Credits)  
BSPM 4591  Sport Management Co-op  (0 Credits)  
BSPM 4592  Sport Management Co-op I  (1 Credit)  
BSPM 4593  Sport Management Internship  (2 Credits)  
BSPM 4594  Sport Management Co-op I  (3 Credits)  

See Co-op Adviser. Prerequisite: Departmental approval prior to registration.

BSPM 4595  Sport Management Co-op II  (3 Credits)  

See Co-op Adviser. Prerequisite: Departmental approval prior to registration.

BSPM 4596  Sport Management Co-op III  (3 Credits)  

See Co-op Adviser. Prerequisite: Departmental approval prior to registration.

BSPM 4597  Directed Research - Sport Management  (1 Credit)  

Prerequisite: Departmental approval prior to registration.

BSPM 4598  Directed Research - Sport Management  (2 Credits)  

Prerequisite: Departmental approval prior to registration.

BSPM 4599  Directed Research - Sport Management  (3 Credits)  

Prerequisite: Departmental approval prior to registration.

BSPM 4607  Sport Marketing  (3 Credits)  

The applications of marketing science to all realms of the sport industry, including: professional sport; intercollegiate, interscholastic and amateur sport; and commercial and public sport and recreational facilities, clubs, resorts and service organizations. An introduction to sales as an element of marketing. A view of the international sport business and ethical issues in sport marketing. Offered: Fall, Spring.

Prerequisites: BMKT 2601  

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