STHO - Systematic Theology (STHO)

STHO 1101  ST/Fathers & Saints Priestly  (3 Credits)  
STHO 1102  ST - The Way of Beauty  (3 Credits)  
STHO 1400  ST/Intro to CCC  (3 Credits)  
STHO 2202  Revelations and Faith  (3 Credits)  

An historical and systematic examination of the Catholic understanding of God's Self-Communication and humanity's correlative response in faith. On revelation: transmission of revelation; natural and supernatural revelation; Reformation and sola Scriptura; Trent and tradition; Newman on doctrinal development; and la nouvelle theologie and Vatican II. On faith: grace and faith; faith and scholasticism; Luther and sola fides; Trent on fides fiducialis; Vatican I and rational preparation for the act of faith; Blondel and the apologetics of immanence; and contemporary attempts (e.g., Rahner, Tracy, Metz) to ground the act of faith. Pretheology Program/Undergraduate credit only. 3 credits

STHO 2501  Worship of the Church  (3 Credits)  

An introduction to the theology of liturgy and the historical development of liturgy in the Catholic Church, focusing on the Roman Rite; an introduction to the history and theological development of the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours and the Roman Calendar. Pretheology Program/Undergraduate credit only. 3 credits

STHO 3791  ST:Grace & Romans  (3 Credits)  
STHO 3894  ST: 20th Century Thomism  (3 Credits)  

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